If Jesus Died for Our Sins, Why do We still Sin?

When people think about sin, the nitty gritty usually grinds down to the issue of right or wrong.

You know how we think right? “If it’s not a sin, then I’m right and God and I are on good terms.” “If it is a sin, then I’m wrong and hopefully God will uhm …let me off the hook by forgiving me — which puts God and I on good terms again.”

If Jesus died for our sins, why do we still sin? Why do the melody of ‘right or wrong’ play in our minds several times a day? How is His death connected to my present sins?

This is question 2 of 3 that I was privileged to answer for a wonderful friend of mine. I will quote the original question below followed by my answer. Click here for question 1.

The Question
“Jesus died for our sins….we still sin, we even have the 10 Commandments to remind us not to. So how did he die for our sins?”

My Answer
The 10 Commandments was a summary of many commands. They were given to God’s people for guidance on how to live, which if followed would represent the holy and perfect standard of God.

However, the 10 commandments reveal to us that we are not perfect, because nobody has kept all ten 100% of the time. Perfection is keeping all 10, not 9 and a half. To break one is to break them all, writes James. If I owed you ten million, how would you feel if I gave you nine and said, “you should be happy with the nine?” God’s holy standard requires all ten at all times.

I will explain this way: If I was told to do my daughter’s hair, I would realize soon that I cannot do it. That would cause me to seek after someone who could – my sister, a stylist, somebody. The 10 commandments reveal our inability to achieve perfection on our own, thus we would need to seek after Someone who was perfect..a Savior…Jesus.

Romans 6:23 says ‘the wages of sin is death’ (physically and spiritually). Jesus dying on the cross for our sin released us from the worst of the two: spiritual death, which culminates in hell. God will not overlook sin. Somebody had to pay for it. Jesus said, “this one is on Me’

Jesus didn’t die to magically force people to stop sinning, but to make it possible for us:

  • to accept his death & resurrection as payment…instead of trying to pay with our own death
  • to be on good terms with God as one of His children (see part 1)
  • to sin less by living out of appreciation for what he did for us

About walterstafford

Everything about me starts from this fact: I love and follow Jesus. I am the owner of Stafford Builders Group, Inc.
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2 Responses to If Jesus Died for Our Sins, Why do We still Sin?

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  2. Courtney L says:

    Another great blog man. I agree 100%. The thing that concerns and frightens me are those individuals that go through the ‘process’…meaning the baptism to accept Jesus as our Saviour and the fact that He died for our sins…but at the same time…to them, it’s a ‘process’, not a transformation into a new self. They get sprinkled, or dipped or whatever based on their affiliation, however, they think it stops there…and they can go club, drink, raise all kinda hell and praise the Lord in church every Sunday and be saved and go to Heaven. Taking the what He has given us for granted…basically exploiting His love….

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