What Does God See in Me?

What God sees in me and what God sees in you is so valuable that he killed his Son to protect it. 

If you’re thinking, “what could be so important about me to go to that extreme?” then keep reading.

God set eternity in the hearts of everyone.  That means there’s a hole in your heart that longs for eternal love, joy, and fulfillment that never gets stale – never loses the new smell so to speak.  The world promises to plug that hole, but never delivers. 

God sees that gap, and take some stalker-ish leaps to close it up with himself, nothing more.

Here are 4 ways God travels towards humans with each move bringing him closer and closer and closer and….you get the point.

1. The initial desire to create us.  And by the way, he didn’t just throw something together last-minute style.  He designed an award-winning human race.  We are his workmanship wonderfully made.  And he attended closely to details: every mole, every fingernail,..heck..he even knows how many hairs coming out your scalp.

2. Next, he proves he’s not anti-social or stuck up and talks with us.  He did it audibly, once from a bush, and one time from an ass.  Are you used to talking to those? Don’t answer.

3. Then he moves in closer by living among us.  Yes, Jesus Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.

4. Oh it gets better!  Today, living inside of believers, the Holy Spirit resides.  Of course you cannot always tell because Christians are not immune from fleshly behaviors.  No time for that topic right now. 

 –recap — God creates us, talks with us, lives on earth with us, and now resides in us.  I told you he comes closer and closer.  And he appears to be in hurry.

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the father (representing God in this story) runs to the son to display grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 

What does all this mean?  It means God travels in one direction:  TOWARDS US. 

We have an internal fracture that can only be repaired with eternal love.  God is love.

God knows all about you, and to him, you’re still worth it! 

 Live your days with this in mind.


About walterstafford

Everything about me starts from this fact: I love and follow Jesus. I am the owner of Stafford Builders Group, Inc.
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One Response to What Does God See in Me?

  1. keicia chester says:

    Beautiful Walter. I love your writing. It’s so thought provoking that it has to be annointed by the Holy Spirit.

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